10 Tips to Keep You Safe on a First Date


First dates are exciting, and who knows where they might lead. But it is best not to lose sight of the fact that you are meeting up with a stranger, even if the date goes well and you hit it off.

Of course, you don't want caution to ruin the moment. But taking a few safety precautions will keep you safe and help you relax and enjoy the date. So, here are ten straightforward safety tips for a safe first date.

Tell Someone About Your Plans

Share your plans for the date with someone you trust. Tell a roommate, trusted friend, or family member where you are going and when you expect to be home. And, if your plans change, let someone know where you will be. If someone knows you are on a date and where you are, they can raise the alarm sooner rather than later if you fail to return home on time.

Ensure Your Phone is Fully Charged

Take your phone with you on a first date and ensure it is fully charged before you set out. Then, you can stay in contact with a friend and let them know your plans change. And, of course, you have the means to call for help should anything untoward happen.

Meet in a Public Place

Choose a public location for a first date where there will be plenty of other people. Secluded spots may be more romantic, but they also leave you vulnerable. And the first date at someone's apartment is certainly never a clever idea.

Carry a Personal Alarm

Carrying a self-defense device on the first date is advisable. But you don't want to scare your date away the first time you meet, and a pepper spray or stun gun in your bag might look intimidating. A personal attack alarm would be a better option.

Plan Your Transport Home

It is generally best to make your own way to and from a first date. So, plan your transport, whether Uber, a car, or a cab. Having transport plans eliminates the need for you to be alone in a car with your date for them to know your home address. Independent transport also provides an emergency escape route should it be needed.

Don't Leave Your Drink Unattended

Drink spiking happens more than you may realize. So, don't let a first date bring a drink to you, be there when it is served from the bottle. And don't leave your drink unattended if you need to use the bathroom.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

A couple of drinks to relax is fine but limiting alcohol consumption on a first date is advisable. If you drink too much, you may take risks or do something you later regret. So, take it steady and drink water as well.

Be Guarded with Personal Information

Don't give away too much information about yourself on a first date. Keep things like your home and workplace address yourself until you get to know the person better. You may decide not to move on to the next stage, but your date may have other plans. You could wind up with a stalker if they know where you live and work.

Do Some Research

It might seem creepy researching a date. Still, it would be best to find out anything worrying about a person before you meet. Ask any mutual acquaintances you trust about the person. And Google the name to see what you can find.

Leave Immediately You Feel Uncomfortable

If anything at all about your date makes you feel uncomfortable, make your excuses and leave. There is no need to feel guilty about bringing a swift end to the date if you don't feel at ease; your safety is way more important than your date's ego!


There is nothing ground-breaking in the above tips; they are merely common-sense precautions. Still, it's easy to forget the most straightforward precautions when trying to make a great first impression. So, hopefully, the above will serve as a reminder of the best ways to be safe on a first date. Now, go out there and have some fun!

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