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I first encountered personal alarms in the 1990s when I applied for a job at an alarm company. Such devices were relatively uncommon then, but I was impressed at the simplicity of personal attack alarms. Then, when someone set off an alarm in my office, I realized how effective they could be.

Personal alarms have come on a long way since then. They are now cheaper, more attractive, and smaller. And there are many brands and models from which to choose.

These non-lethal self-defense products are cheap and easy to use. However, they could save your life, so it would be unwise to buy in haste. The consequences could be dire if your personal alarm fails at a crucial moment.

So, I have spent hours and hours trawling through all the ads looking for the best personal alarms on the market. I ignored the cheap imports that would likely let you down. And I picked only the best devices with excellent ratings and reviews and researched each.

The result of that work is this curated list of twelve of the best personal alarms on the market. And a buying guide and FAQS to help you find the best personal attack alarm for you and your family. I hope you find this site helpful.

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