Personal Safety Alarms – Are They an Effective Deterrent?


Do personal attack alarms work is a much-debated question. The evidence suggests that personal alarms are an effective deterrent against crime. Indeed, many police forces recommend personal alarms, especially for night workers, solo travelers, and college students.

So, how effective are these electronic personal safety devices? Well, no self-defense product eliminates the need for common-sense safety precautions. Still, one of these self-defense alarms could get you out of a dangerous situation. Here’s why so many people choose to carry a personal safety alarm.

How do Personal Alarms Work?

When triggered, personal alarms emit a loud siren between 120dB to 140dB. The noise is sufficiently loud to cause discomfort to those nearby and can be heard hundreds of feet away. The alarm attracts attention and scares potential attackers away.

Criminals Don’t Want to Get Caught

Personal alarms are effective for one simple reason; people committing crimes do not want to get caught. So, when someone sets off an alarm, an assailant will panic, stop what they are doing, and run away.

Attracts Attention

A personal safety alarm will also attract the attention of people nearby. And thankfully, most people will go to the aid of others in distress. So, triggering an attack alarm is likely to bring help in an emergency and attract the attention of law enforcement officers if they are nearby.

Prevents Crime

A personal alarm can also prevent crime. For example, a mugger is unlikely to target someone carrying a self-defense alarm. So, having an attack alarm attached to a bag or a beltloop where it can be seen will likely dissuade criminals from attempting a theft or attack in the first place.

Multiple Uses

The primary use of personal alarms is for self-defense. However, they can be used for other purposes as well. For example, give one to kids on a camping holiday or hiking trip, and they will have a means to summon help should they get lost. Personal alarms can also be used as perimeter alarms when connected to a trip wire. And they can scare wild animals away, too.

Effective at Distance

A personal alarm can be used when you feel threatened before an attacker gets too close. Furthermore, if you use an attack alarm and the person means you no harm, there is no damage done other than a bit of embarrassment.

Can’t be Used Against You

Self-defense devices such as pepper spray and stun guns can be snatched out of your hands and turned against you. However, a personal alarm is effective so long as it continues to sound. So, the deterrent effect will continue even if you drop your alarm or someone snatches it out of your hand.

Non-Aggressive Self-Defense

Even stun guns and pepper spray might not stop an attacker on drugs. And some people are not affected by such weapons to the same extent as others. Furthermore, if you use force against anyone, it may make them angry and cause retaliation. But a personal alarm is a passive self-defense measure unlikely to cause anger or retribution.

No Purchase Restrictions

Anyone of any age can purchase and own a personal alarm. But there are restrictions on who can buy stun guns and pepper spray. So, anyone can use a personal alarm for self-defense, even children.

No Carry Restrictions

Stun guns, pepper spray, and other weapons are prohibited in some locations. On the other hand, personal alarms are not weapons. Consequently, you can carry one everywhere, even on airplanes.

You Can’t Get Sued for Using a Personal Alarm

If you misuse any weapon, you may face criminal prosecution or be sued. And you could face civil action if you misunderstood a situation and used a weapon such as a pepper spray or stun gun on someone innocent. However, no one will sue you for triggering a personal alarm.


To sum up, personal alarms are an effective self-defense product. They haven’t the stopping power of a stun gun or pepper spray. Still, you can carry them everywhere, anyone can use them, and they attract attention in an emergency and scare attackers away.

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