Top 10 Safety Tips for Travelling Overseas


Are you heading off on an overseas adventure? If it's your first time abroad, you will benefit from reading a few safety tips for traveling overseas. A reminder of the basic safety precautions won't go amiss even if you are a seasoned traveler. So, here are my top ten safety tips for overseas travelers.

1. Do Your Homework

Before traveling to any foreign country, it is best to check for any travel warnings. You will be traveling to unfamiliar territory, but if you are pre-warned about any safety risks, you can avoid them. Researching local customs and learning about specific hazards at your destination will also help keep you safe.

2. Make Electronic Copies of Travel Documents

You will have undoubtedly checked you have all the relevant travel documentation. But have you considered what you will do if you lose this paperwork? If things like your passport, plane tickets, and visa get lost or stolen, you could wind up stranded in a foreign county. So, make electronic copies and store them in the cloud so you can retrieve them anytime, anywhere, should you lose them.

3. Ensure You Have Adequate Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not expensive for most people, but it could be a lifesaver when traveling abroad. If you fall ill or have an accident overseas, you might need medical attention or even an emergency flight home. So, check your traveler's insurance covers you for your destination and intended activities.

4. Separate Cash and Cards

It is best not to keep all your cash and cards in one place, such as a wallet or purse. If you do, and your stash gets stolen, you will have nothing. Instead, spread cards and cash around your person and luggage. And always have an emergency reserve of cash hidden away somewhere.

5. Don't Display Expensive Belongings

Expensive electronic equipment, such as phones, watches, and cameras, are a magnet for pickpockets and thieves. So, keep high-value items, including cash, out of sight. Even wearing expensive designer clothes suggests to criminals that you may have other high-value items in your possession. So, it is best to leave the pricey possessions at home when traveling overseas.

6. Share Your Travel Plans with Friends or Family

Let someone you trust know your travel plans and when you expect to return home. Then, if you go missing, the authorities can be alerted sooner rather than later. However, avoid posting your trip details on social media until you get home. Publicizing the fact that you are aware will alert local criminals that your home is unoccupied.

7. Carry A Personal Safety Device

Unfortunately, self-defense products that might be considered weapons are prohibited in some countries. Consequently, carrying pepper spray or a stun gun could result in your arrest. So, check before you travel with items like these. Alternatively, buy a personal alarm, which is legal to carry in every country and on planes.

8. Heed Local Advice

Every city in the world has its safe and not-so-safe areas. Some countries have entire regions that are no-go areas for foreigners. So, when a hotel receptionist or another trusted local advises you not to travel to a particular area, it is advisable to heed their advice.

9. But Don't Trust Strangers

There are many scams targeted at tourists in other countries. For example, a stranger might approach you by offering an attraction ticket. But that ticket might be fake or vastly overpriced. Similarly, don't trust anyone offering cheap rides in a taxi. Instead, always book everything through official outlets or your hotel.

10. Keep a Watchful Eye on Bags

Always keep a close on our belongings when traveling. For example, don't leave your purse hanging on the back of a chair in a bar or restaurant. Store luggage where you can see it when traveling on buses or trains. And carry bags in front of you rather than slung over your back.


Traveling to far-flung destinations is exciting and rewarding. And most people experience no problems when they venture to a foreign country. Nevertheless, it would be best if you weren't blasé about safety and security when traveling abroad. Follow the above tips, keep your wits about you, and you will have the time of your life and be safe.

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